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Custard Apples and Diabetes

There’s a myth going around that a diabetic person should not eat custard apples as it increases blood sugar levels because of high sugar content. However, this isn’t true. Custard apple is a low glycemic index food, and hence its consumption won’t lead to an increase in

Know about hypersomnia (Hypersomnia)

Know about hypersomnia (Hypersomnia) Hypersomnia is a disease in which people sleep too much, feel lethargic, and no matter how much sleep they get, it’s not enough. Always sleepy Take several naps during the day. Even when eating Or talk to other people and still fall asleep. Having slept for more

5 common anxiety disorders in working people

5 common anxiety disorders in working people. Working age and accumulated stress caused by work. little rest financial and social pressures Starting a new life on your own, etc., is a source of anxiety disorder that you may be suffering from without even realizing it. Information from Paolo

10 Danger Signs Risk of panic disorder

10 Danger Signs Risk of panic disorder. 10 Danger Signs Risk of panic disorder Check yourself to see if you are stressed, frightened, or afraid and may be at risk of panic disorder without realizing it. Report from สมัคร ufabet What is panic disorder? Dr. Meefa from the

8 dangerous signs of “Bipolar” risk

8 dangerous signs of “Bipolar” risk In Thai society, more and more people with mental illness can be found. due to accumulated stress Including heredity is another part of many mental diseases, but for “Bipolar” there may still be many people who misunderstand the symptoms of this