Cockroaches are more dangerous germs than you think.

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Cockroaches are creatures that have lived on Earth for a long time. Since ancient times, cockroaches have always been a nuisance to humans. It is also an insect that accumulates many pathogens. due to eating and housing is often a dirty place full of germs when the cockroach moves germs on body will be contaminated with objects that cockroaches directly touch As a result, it can cause humans to get sick.

But it’s not just germs that make people sick. Because pointy-faced cockroaches are even more poisonous than that. is the dust from the cockroaches themselves that can cause disease without having to meet directly It’s just that he walks away, leaving the pathogen behind so that we have the opportunity to have allergies . ufabet

cockroach allergens

Allergens come from different parts of the cockroach’s body, such as wings, legs, antennae, eggs, saliva, excrement, and protein powder on the body of the cockroach. which can fall along the path it passes Or is the human habitation itself, especially the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

from testing people with asthma. It was found that a person responds to the cockroach protein. Available in patients with allergies and asthma. or even healthy people suggests that exposure to cockroach allergens may result in future Healthy people can also suffer from allergies or asthma.

Dangerous germs from cockroaches

In addition to the allergens caused by the fragments produced by the cockroaches. With the habitat and food of cockroaches, not only causes the smell of cockroaches. but also a source of pathogens that can cause serious disease in humans as well

If asked how bad cockroaches are, the first answer is that the whole body, including the cockroach feces, contains an infection called Salmonella, a type of bacteria. The source that causes fever, diarrhea, vomiting if infected in vulnerable groups such as young children. or the elderly can cause death

In addition, cockroaches also have two types of fungi in them: Aspergillus Fumigatus, which causes respiratory disease, and Aspergillus Fumigatus, which causes skin disease.

Protozoa in cockroaches It is the reason why the fetus in the mother is handicapped. And may cause dysentery Diarrhea in adults Including having a virus that can cause hepatitis as well

The toxicity of cockroaches is not over yet. There are also bacteria that cause bubonic plague, dysentery, diarrhea, infectious diseases of the excretory channel. impetigo gastrointestinal disease food poisoning and typhoid

It’s not over yet. Cockroaches are also a source of many parasites such as hookworms, roundworms. Dwarf tapeworm, bovine tapeworm, blood fluke and others, including up to 12 species. Which can be transmitted to humans through cockroach excrement.

Symptoms from cockroaches

Symptoms caused by cockroaches can be divided into 2 groups of symptoms, which are symptoms from allergies, which are

  1. Itchy skin around the eyes, ears, roof of the mouth
  2. Tears  
  3. cough sneeze
  4. allergic rash, swelling, redness
  5. body pain
  6. dizziness
  7. In some cases, it can cause pneumonia and asthma.

As for the symptoms from various pathogens In mild cases, symptoms are similar to food poisoning, that is, the illness lasts 8-72 hours and resolves on its own.

  1. have a fever
  2. loose stools
  3. vomit

cockroach behavior

Cockroaches are nocturnal animals. Can eat all types of food such as plants, carcasses, blood, saliva, phlegm, feces while eating, there is also excretion. usually live in the area with warm temperatures and humidity

How to Prevent Cockroaches

  1. Always keep the house clean, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, storage room.
  2. Containers with food should be tightly closed. and should dispose of food scraps every day
  3. Materials or unused items such as newspapers, paper, clothes, or broken containers should be discarded to avoid breeding grounds for cockroache.
  4. Get rid of cockroache using cockroach traps. or insecticide
  5. If you find a cockroach carcass There should be some cleaning in that area.