What will happen? If you let ants grow into your house

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The problem of ants in the house is a major cause of trouble for residents. Moreover, if we allow it to become a chronic problem without finding a way to keep ants out of the house, it will definitely have a bigger impact on everyone. and may be dangerous to residents as follows:

Some types of ants can be dangerous to residents.

Each type of ant has characteristics or differences according to the species. So is ferocity. Some types of ants can therefore be dangerous to residents, such as fire ants that can cause สมัคร ufabet burning pain from a scald-like wound to the person bitten.

The spread of infection occurred within the home.

This is because most ants are animals that live in damp areas. or areas where there are food scraps Therefore, if left untreated, ants in the house will not be eliminated. Ants may also become vectors of various pathogens. that can cause the homeowner to feel sick or have a disease such as diarrhea or vomiting

Damaged household items

Some types of ants are not only dangerous to residents. They can also cause damage to the house, such as carp ants that look like termites. That is, they like to bite or gnaw on wooden house structures. Can cause negative effects.

I feel annoyed.

Although some types of ants are not dangerous to their inhabitants, But it can create quite a bit of annoyance for homeowners. Making you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable Therefore, you should look for every way to get all the ants out of the house.