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5 herbs to help reduce “body odor”

Our home is a hot and humid city. which is also a factor That causes many people to have body odor because body odor is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from sweat, from germs, fungi on the skin and clothes, plus the hot weather and humidity

5 flowers to help you sleep ready against cancer

sleep aid flowers can resist cancer Anyone who has sleep problems probably looking for help But can’t think of a good one to use. 5 flowers to help you sleep. Importantly, it also contains high anti-oxidants. That can help reduce the risk of cancer. lotus flower There are many species. But I

Cockroaches are more dangerous germs than you think.

Cockroaches are creatures that have lived on Earth for a long time. Since ancient times, cockroaches have always been a nuisance to humans. It is also an insect that accumulates many pathogens. due to eating and housing is often a dirty place full of germs when the cockroach moves germs on body will

Things you need to know when “cleaning your nose”

Things you need to know when you want to “cleaning your nose“. Is it good to do it? Can I do it every day? We have answers. dust and air pollution causing airborne allergies or cause patients with respiratory disease symptoms to exacerbate Many people start taking care