Arsenal 2 – Wolves 1

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Arsenal still achieved their goal by beating Wolves 2-1 at home. Which allowed them to maintain their position in the Premier League.

The game had only been played for 6 minutes and Arsenal took a 1-0 lead from a connection on the right. In the end it was Takehiro Tomiyasu who flowed in front of the penalty area into the 18 yard box for Bukayo Saka. Tapped it past Craig Dawson, who slipped and fired a shot into the net.ทางเข้า UFABET 

And just in the 13th minute, the Gunners ran away 2-0 from connecting the ball along the channel in one beautiful moment. Oleksandr Zinchenko reached the backline on the left side of the penalty area. And slammed it in the middle for Martin Odegaard to flick a shot with his left foot and into the goal.

The score almost flowed in the 20th minute.

Odegaard launched a spin from the front of the penalty area on the right side for Leandro Trossar to hook up and dunk alone. But Jose Sa was still shocked and came out quickly to block.

Wolves had to change goalkeepers in the 23rd minute. When Jose Sa was unable to continue playing with an injury, with Dan Bentley coming on in his place.

Then it was a game where Arsenal attacked on one side. In the 37th minute, Gabriel Martinelli dragged himself to shoot with his right in the left penalty area. But the ball hit the far post.

In the first half of injury time, Wolves almost broke the ball as well when Zinchenko’s poor clearance almost. Allowed Hwang Hee-Chan to run after him and score. But David Raya still came out to reach the ball first Narrowly intercepted.

The first half ended with Arsenal leading 2-0.

In the second half, Wolves had a chance to score. When Mateus Cunha used his unique ability to drag Declan Rice to shoot from a tight angle in the left penalty area. But Raya still stood and blocked the corner.

But then the game format is the cannons that attack as before. And there were additional opportunities from Trossar and Rice, but the ball was not on target.

In the 82nd minute, Arsenal should have scored a goal. When Odegaard passed to Leandro Trossar to shoot and connect with Dan Bentley, who quickly came out to cover the corner. Saka tried to shoot again and it stuck. Bentley again

When they had the chance, they couldn’t do it. In the 86th minute, it was Wolves who broke the egg and went 1-2 when the Gunners’ defense lost the ball. Nelson Semedo cut in and released Mateus. Cunha waited for the ball to flow into the square and then shot it with his left foot through Raya’s hands and into the net.

The Gunners made an incredible mistake in the 88th minute. Odegaard passed through the gap for Eddie Nketiah to escape and shoot past Bentley, but the ball hit the post again.

At the end, even though the visiting team tried to throw a long ball in, But there wasn’t much they could do. At the end of the game, Arsenal beat Wolves 2-1, continuing to lead the league as usual.