Basic techniques BlackJack.

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Although techniques BlackJack is a card game that hardly requires luck. And mainly focuses on the skill and experience of the players. Even so, for new players who are just entering the industry. They can apply these techniques to play as well.

-Whenever the dealer’s first card comes out A. We should always bet on insurance cards. Because from statistics. There is a chance that the dealer will stick to blackjack cards is very high. So we have to do it to get it back. Although there are times when the dealer doesn’t stick to blackjack and we have to lose money games by UFABET 

-In the case of high pairs such as AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010 and 88, if online casinos Open for us to split cards, every pair can be arranged. to increase your chances of winning But for some sites, it may be limited to a pair of AA and 88, although it should still be separate. Importantly, do not forget to look at the money in your pocket. Otherwise, they will become unlucky because they are forced to crouch, just not enough money to play on two legs.

-Cards should be drawn with caution. You should also look at the total points of the cards in our hand. If the total is not more than 11 points, it should be drawn more, but if it is 12 or 13, staying will be a good choice. Because if you draw more, there is a risk that the total will pass 21 points, instead of winning it becomes a loss. Remember, as long as the dealer doesn’t techniques BlackJack, we always have a chance to win.