‘Henderson’ is ready to take on the challenge of Liverpool

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Jordan Henderson, Liverpool captain Confirmed to be up for the challenge as the club prepares to overhaul their midfield this summer,

the Reds have confirmed that midfield players James Milner, Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade- chamberlain A free transfer at the end of his contract,

Henderson turns 33 next season and he may struggle to compete for a place in the starting line-up with the new arrivals at Anfield.

The England midfielder said: “I don’t think it’s a rebuilding, to be honest I think there will be new players coming in. Rebuilding is changing the whole team. I don’t think we’ll do that. “

I think you still have a lot of core players within the team who will still be here and still be in good shape to fight and be successful. But yes

. what It has to be reworked from the players who leave. and try to develop the team.”

“I’m sure the players coming in will give us more energy and make things better. a little more refreshing And hopefully we’ll be in a good position in the first game of the season ′

′ It’s always been a challenge. Especially against Liverpool. It’s going to be challenging to compete for position and on the field ′

′ It’s been like that since I moved in to the club. When I join pre-season I will be ready for another challenge. “

The enthusiasm never changes. It’s about improving and getting better. Both personally and as a team. There are always new challenges, different things will happen. And you will have new challenges throughout the season. “ the UFABET report

In football there is always a challenge to improve. to do better and still have the same enthusiasm to succeed.”

“I am confident that we will reach the level we can achieve again for sure. We’ve shown that in the last six or seven games and it’s a continuation of this path until the end of the season. and next season Hopefully we can go back to where we fell off.”