How is BlackJack counted? When to split the cards.

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For card counting, Blackjack is different from other cards that use only the digits as the deciding factor. The key to measuring who loses or wins is the total of all the cards in the hand. The winner is the person who has totaled 21 points or the closest. As for those who score less than or if the total points are more than 21 points. They will lose immediately. Then let’s look at the card points.

How many points each card has will not miss each other.

  • A (Ace) is a single card that has two values ​​depending on which card it goes with. If it goes with 10, J, Q or K, it will make it worth 11 points and make it addicted to blackjack immediately. But if it goes with 2-9 face cards, no matter which flower is valuable. Only 1 point
  • Face cards 2-9 are a group of cards equal to their face number.
  • These four face cards 10, J, Q and K are the same value of 10.

The split will occur in the event that the player has a pair of cards during the first two cards, AA or 88, in which online casinos Players will be forced to split their cards automatically. Along with forcing to place more bets on separate legs In order to play 2 legs at the same time. But if the money is not enough, place a bet. The system will force you to crouch or surrender UFABET 

After splitting the cards If the player receives a pair of AA cards, they will be entitled to draw 1 more card per hand, but if they get a pair of 88 cards, they will be able to draw unlimited cards until we are satisfied with the points we think are close to 21. In the event that get another pair Players can choose to remain stationary if they are satisfied with their score. Or you can call more cards as well.